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Phuri Sherpa


A Citizen of Sikkim

Namaste I am

Phuri Sherpa

Hailing from Premlakha Subhaney Dara Gram Panchayat in Pakyong Zilla, Sighaneybaass Ward, near the Bhutanese border, my beginnings were humble, living with my brother and four sisters in a small rented apartment in Rongli Bazar.

My educational journey started at Rongli School and continued at Chujachen School. After completing my secondary education, I dived into politics during a time when unemployment was rampant; to support myself, I gave tuitions.

In 1997, my political journey took a significant turn when I was elected as Panchayat of Siganabaass Ward, serving for a decade until 2007, during which I also emerged as a Woman's Front leader under the SDF Party.

Post my tenure as Panchayat, I embraced a new life chapter, getting married and welcoming a daughter. Yet, the pull of politics remained strong, and I returned to the political arena, this time aligning with SKM, the opposition party at that time. This period of my life was challenging, marked by a brief imprisonment for standing firm on party agendas.

I continued to raise my voice for the betterment of Sikkim, focusing on the untapped potential of the tourism sector and advocating for necessary infrastructure like good roads and transportation, vital for economic growth Even after SKM formed the government in 2019. Despite often being labeled as 'the opposition,' my dedication to improving Sikkim's future never faltered.

On December 3rd, after thoughtful deliberation, I joined the Citizen Action Party Sikkim as a spokesperson, a decision stemming from my deep-seated commitment to the state's welfare. My political path is characterized by resilience, an unwavering commitment to public service, and a relentless pursuit of honesty and transparency in governance. As a spokesperson for the Citizen Action Party, I continue to strive for a Sikkim where every citizen's voice is heard, and their rights are upheld.

True to my roots and the experiences that have shaped me, my dedication to Sikkim's development, economic prosperity, and social welfare remains steadfast. My pledge is to work tirelessly towards a transparent and honest government, and I will not rest until these ideals are realized for the betterment of every Sikkimese.

Phuri Sherpa (Senior Speaker | CAP Sikkim)

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