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My entrance into politics is driven by the urgent need to uproot the entrenched kleptocracy in Sikkim. This journey is more than a mere choice; it is a vital necessity for societal overhaul.


Sikkim's youth have been caught in a vicious cycle of temporary roles, lured by the false promise of permanent positions. This not only stifles their potential but also perpetuates a corruption breeding ground.

Our campaign is dedicated to transforming this paradigm, ensuring fairness, opportunity, and progress are tangible realities for every citizen. We stand committed to bringing about significant and positive changes in the lives of our constituents.

Breaking the Cycle of Unemployment 

Commitment to Genuine Change

My Agenda

Sikkim Map outline

Unite for Change: Stay Connected

Unite for Change: Stay Connected

Phuri Sherpa

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Join Our Journey: Stay Informed, Engaged, and Ready to Make a Difference!

By providing your contact information, you become a pivotal part of our movement towards change in Sikkim. We'll use it to mobilize and concentrate your efforts effectively, ensuring you're actively engaged in driving real transformation. It's crucial to spread awareness about the rampant corruption and politicization of contracts plaguing our state. We urge you to inform your friends and family about these critical issues. Please share this website with as many people as possible to amplify our collective voice. Together, we can build a more transparent, equitable Sikkim. Your involvement and outreach are instrumental in making this change a reality.

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