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Phuri Sherpa (left), Ganesh Rai (Right)
Phuri Sherpa in the middle, CAP oath taking

My Top Priority As Citizen

Job created for political reasons only

Sustainable Job Creation: Beyond the Short-Term

We've witnessed a trend of creating jobs without proper goals, projects, or resources to sustain them. This approach leads to short-term solutions that fail to address long-term needs. Our strategy focuses on creating sustainable employment that aligns with well-defined objectives and is supported by adequate resources. We envision a future where every job is part of a larger, sustainable plan for Sikkim's growth and prosperity.

The practice of politicizing government contract work has long plagued our system, leading to inefficiencies and corruption. Our mission is to usher in an era of transparency and fairness in these contracts. We aim to ensure that government projects are awarded based on merit and necessity, not political favoritism, leading to better quality infrastructure and services for all.

Honest Government

& Transparent Contracts

Corrupt deal illustration
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